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My name is Ryan. I am doing a report on the emotional music culture. I was hoping some of you guys could answer the following questions, and send them back to me for my report. Feel free to add anything else that you would like to. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks! You can either respond to this message, or e-mail me at fearbefore@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

What bands do you like to listen to when things are not going your way?

Is there any specific bands you would say you listen to when you are depressed or feeling sad?

Do you pay attention to they lyrics in the music you listen to?

Do you relate music to your life, or try and listen to music that reflects what you are going through?

Define ‘emo’ in your own words.
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December 20 2005, 16:17:04 UTC 12 years ago

i listen to dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, amber pacific, halifax, the used, coldplay, jack johnson, ben folds, joh mayer, matchbook romance, hellogoodbye, something corporate, the starting line, papa roach, and about a million others

i listen to dashboard confessional the most when i'm depressed/sad

i pay a lot of attention to the lyrics, but the music is important too

i do relate music to my life

"emo" to me is a stereotype and i know most people classify me as/consider me to be emo, but i don't agree with the term. it's something people use to justify their feelings or their characteristics, and it's so important to the people that consider themselves emo. it's too important; it's not something that should determine your lifestyle. just because you listen to "emo" music and wear converse, etc. doesn't make you emo. so i guess to me emo is an overused term to the point of meaninglessness.